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High Temperature, Grease, and Kitchen Exhaust Duct

Commercial kitchen applications generally require specialty exhaust duct that can withstand the effects of grease output. Heavier gauges are recommended to increase product longevity and reduce material burn-through.

The heat and bend tolerances of Black Iron are ideal for kitchen and grease hood exhaust systems.

Heavy Moisture, Corrosive Environments, Dishwasher and Laboratory Duct

Marine environments, pool areas, chemical treatment facilities and research labs are susceptible to not only corrosion from moisture but also corrosion from mineral deposits like salts in the air and liquid droplets. As a result, specialty ductwork is required in these types of environments to maintain indoor air quality (IAQ) and increase HVAC system longevity.

Both Stainless Steel and Aluminum resist corrosion due to moisture and minerals, making them ideal materials for dishwasher exhaust, lab exhaust and other commercial applications.

Our domestic specialty metals are ordered to meet or exceed SMACNA standards. Spiral, Rectangular and Round Duct as well as fittings are produced at a rate that supplies industrial projects with their manufactured HVAC products within 3 to 5 business days.

Black Iron, Stainless Steel and Aluminum specialty duct may be ordered welded with our state-of-the-art automated seam process. The off-edge joining of automated seam welding results in a time and energy-efficient, consistent bead, which reduces leakage potential and turnaround time, as well as increases the aesthetic value of exposed HVAC systems by enabling wall-facing seams.






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